Square Feet Cultivated


Grams Per Watt


Metric Tons Harvested (Dry)

Light Operations Count


1000 WATT lights

  • 336 Lights 50% 50%
  • 615 Lights 100% 100%
  • 230 Lights 40% 40%

Setting the lights in a grow space is one of the most important pieces to the puzzle when constructing an area. The positioning of fixtures, length of distance in between, and many other factors play a very important role when optimizing performances and efficiencies of the equipment and gardens. This, in turn, increases yields and saves money on development.

Stats from a recent 6000 Square Foot Project!


Flower Rooms




Vegetative Rooms


1000 WATT lights

The 6000 square foot facility was managed by only four highly skilled personnel daily that was operated at a very high-efficiency rate. We were able to manage 30 harvests per year from the facility and produce well over one metric ton annually. What is so fascinating about being involved in that project was the production levels that were being achieved, numbers that not many people have seen before. While maximizing our grow space and efficiencies was a major key to our success, improving every small detail possible along the way helped us get to the next level. 

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