Is Marijuana or Cannabis Organic or Natural?

There are many variables that factor when trying to decide whether a product grown from cannabis is natural or not. However the most important factor is the nutrients, if the foods you are feeding the plant are not natural, neither is the plant or product produced from it.

Does Marijuana or Cannabis produce CBD’s?
  1. Yes, there are many strains that produce CBD’s. However there are many strains that fit into different categories, and all of them have different effects on the body.
  • High THC, Low CBD strains
  • Balanced THC/CBD strains
  • Low THC, High CBD strains
Is soil or hydroponics a better way to cultivate marijuana or cannabis?

There is really no “better way” to grow cannabis. Many cultivators have different methodologies and practices because they learned a different way or they are simply trying to achieve different goals. The cultivator must decide EXACTLY what they are trying to accomplish before determining the right method to use.

What is the best way to measure indoor yields?

The most accurate way to measure yields from an indoor grow space is per watt. For example, if you yield 454 grams of the finished product from one 1000 watt light, you have yielded .45 grams per watt. (454 grams / 1000 watts = .454)

How do you control Powdery Mildew in cannabis gardens?

Sulfer based products applied early in the growth stages of the plant makes the surface of the foliage too acidic for spores to attach. A preventative program is essential for success of control of this fungus.

How do you control mites / root aphids in cannabis gardens?

Over watering cannabis plants promotes root aphids and other root bound pests to thrive in an environment that has been wet for too long. Try to water plants according to when they need or want to be watered, if the pot is too heavy more than likely you do not need to water. If mites and aphids are already a problem in your garden, there are many organic ways to control these pest problems that are 100% effective and safe like predators and systemic treatments.

How important is curing cannabis?

One of the most important processes to cultivating cannabis or marijuana is the harvest/cure. There has been many crops that have been cultivated perfectly but cured improperly resulting in bad product. There has also been other crops who have had an average cultivation process that was harvested properly that resulted in an excellent product. After harvesting cannabis, the curing process effects taste, smell, and quality in the final product.

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